Philanthropy has the power to ensure all people have an equal opportunity to achieve their full potential. Seattle Foundation provides the expertise, network of partners and research that enables philanthropists to maximize their impact in meeting our community’s most critical needs. Every day, we convene, communicate with and catalyze our philanthropic partners, uniting passion and discipline to create lasting change. We call this intersection the heart and science of philanthropy.

1,200 community philanthropists

are working with Seattle Foundation to create lasting change

Philanthropy is critical

Our region is prospering, yet many of our community members have been left behind in the rush of new opportunities and wealth. Philanthropy can help right this imbalance by ensuring that everyone in our community has the chance to thrive. Seattle Foundation guides philanthropists to make investments that directly address inequities and result in powerful change.

As we’ve gone through our journey in philanthropy, at each stage there have been partners, friends and colleagues who are thinking the same thing: how do you go from direct service to systems change, how you focus your giving to have more impact.

—Janet Levinger, Seattle Foundation philanthropist and trustee

Janet and her husband Will used Seattle Foundation to make a bigger impact

Impact philanthropy in
our community

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