Increasing Nonprofit Effectiveness

Strengthening nonprofits to perform optimally so they can have more impact in the community.

A group of nonprofit leaders collaborates on solutions.

Seattle Foundation supports efforts to strengthen nonprofits, increasing their capacity to better serve the community. Investing in improving nonprofits’ skills and operations benefits our community and increases their ability to address growing disparities.

For more than 15 years, we have funded key organizations that help nonprofits learn best practices, operate strategically and deliver effective services. Seattle Foundation has nurtured and supported the work and reach of 501 Commons, a leader in nonprofit management that helps organizations succeed and be their best.

Leading For Impact

Leading for Impact is an initiative led by Seattle Foundation to help nonprofits pursue strategic opportunities and build capacity to improve their performance over time. Over a two-year period, Bridgespan Consulting provides guidance, expertise and coaching to executive teams as they apply new management tools and approaches within their organizations.

From 2016 through 2020, LFI Seattle is working with 50 nonprofit leadership teams, who participate in six months of workshop learning on key topics including building a high performance team, optimizing programs and creating an effective decision-making culture.

Teams then design and complete two customized, strategic projects with a focus on achieving greater impact. They receive regular coaching and follow-up, as well as networking and learning across their cohort.

LFI Seattle is also made possible by the support of our generous partners: Steve and Connie Ballmer, Brad Smith and Kathy Surace-Smith, Matt Griffin and Evelyne Rozner, Jeff and Tricia Raikes, Maggie Walker, and Bill Lewis.