Seattle Foundation builds partnerships and uses innovative tools to drive change in our community.

Strengthening Nonprofits and Incubating Solutions

Seattle Foundation builds and invests in strategic partnerships to increase racial equity and opportunity, making our community healthier and stronger for all. We harness public, private, and nonprofit partnerships to leverage resources and address our community’s complex challenges. We take this collective approach as a convener because we believe we’re more powerful together. By collaborating and learning with others, we incubate new solutions, ideas, and organizations that drive change in our community.

How We Partner and Innovate to Create New Solutions

Explore three ways we increase nonprofit effectiveness, partner with others, and incube new solutions

Increasing Nonprofit Effectiveness

We support efforts to strengthen nonprofits and increase their effectiveness

Funding Change Through Collaboratives

We pool funds with partners to advance shared goals and drive collective impact.

Incubating Solutions and Organizations

We incubate new solutions to drive big, bold change in our community.


The Voice of Philanthropy in Our Community


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