Voter Education

Remove barriers to voting in diverse communities

In order to increase the civic participation of limited-English speaking and other underrepresented populations, Seattle Foundation has invested in efforts in partnership with King County Elections to increase democratic engagement.

Our first effort worked with the King County Elections team to support voter education and culturally relevant technical assistance within limited-English speaking communities. We worked with 22 community-based organizations whose expertise and deep community ties increased the participation of under-represented communities in the broader democratic process.

To further expand this work, we partnered with King County Elections again to create the Voter Education Fund, a government, philanthropic and community partnership to remove barriers to voting in diverse communities. Since 2019, this partnership has invested $950,000 every two years in community-based organizations to provide non-partisan voter outreach and civic engagement activities for election cycles.

The latest Voter Education Fund updates are on our blog, including recent grantees and new rounds of funding announcements.

To learn more about Voter Education Fund, contact Sally Gillis, Managing Director.