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Neighbor to Neighbor (N2N)

Building community leaders to organize and lead positive change in their communities

Neighbor to Neighbor (N2N) is founded on the core values of Seattle Foundation: equity and opportunity. N2N supports grassroots efforts that increase engagement, power and influence of community members affected by poverty and racial disparities. See all 2023 grants funded

Begun in 1991, N2N is a grant and technical assistance program and a key strategy of Seattle Foundation’s Core Programs. Serving community-based organizations in South Seattle, White Center, Kent and SeaTac/Tukwila, N2N plays a crucial role in supporting the Foundation’s mission: to ignite powerful and rewarding philanthropy to make Greater Seattle a stronger, more vibrant community for all.

More about Neighbor to Neighbor

N2N has a simple flyer you can print or share with interested community members and partners. Please download here.

In celebration of N2N’s 30th year anniversary, together with the South Seattle Emerald, N2N produced a commemorative booklet of our community story — highlighting our grantees, partners, staff, funders and overall 30 year commitment to advancing racial equity.

What We Learned from the Community

N2N piloted an effort to support a cohort of ten past N2N grantees to pursue self-determined social change projects aimed at building community power and shifting local conditions towards greater racial equity. The 2020 report tells the story of how this project was designed by the community, elevates the grantees’ successes, and offers recommendations to the broader funding community. 

The annual N2N grantee convenings began in 2015 as a way to lift up the expertise of the N2N community and share their experiences and knowledge in order to advance racial and economic equity. Convenings include aligned partners and funders, celebrate culture and neighborhood diversity and dedicate time for both facilitated conversations and open networking.

Neighbor to Neighbor’s funding says to grassroots activists and advocates everywhere: WE BELIEVE IN YOU. You know the problems and you know the solutions.

— Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal (WA-7)

Grantee Convening Reports

These reports share the highlights of the conversations and offer recommendations on how to continue to support grassroots communities of color.

About N2N

N2N connect community advocates with funders, foundation peers, and other partners, bolstering the leadership capacity of grassroots organizations and bringing groups together for authentic collaboration and learning.

Impact Stories

N2N reimagines community philanthropy. Watch highlights from our grantees, partners, staff, funders and overall 30 year commitment to advancing racial equity.

N2N Applicants

N2N supports grassroots efforts to increase engagement, power, and influence of community members affected by poverty and racial disparities. We prioritize efforts led by people from communities of color, black, Native, indigenous, immigrant/refugee, and low income communities.

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