Brent Ponton-Welty

Manager, Gifts & Grants Administration


Brent Ponton-Welty   

Brent provides leadership in the Finance Team to oversee the accurate and timely distribution of grants, the heart of our mission to ignite powerful, rewarding philanthropy.

Brent Ponton-Welty

Personal Philanthropic Interests
and Passions

Arts and culture

LGBTQ+ rights

Brent has spent all but three years of his professional life working in the nonprofit sector. For more than a decade he’s devoted his skills to Seattle Foundation, working in a variety of capacities, including supporting our website and serving as a Philanthropic Advisor. Most recently, Brent has overseen our grant processing, ensuring timely and accurate distribution of grant funds that comply with Foundation rules and practices.

Brent has been working at Seattle Foundation since 2007.