COVID-19 Response Fund

The COVID-19 Response Fund deploys resources 
to organizations supporting local workers and families 
most impacted by the coronavirus crisis.


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About the COVID-19 Response Fund

Managed by Seattle Foundation, the Fund makes grants to community-based organizations that are working on the frontlines to support our region’s most vulnerable communities. The Fund complements the work of public health officials and expands local capacity to address the many needs created by the pandemic.

In March, a first round of grants distributed more than $10 million to 128 nonprofits navigating the immediate economic and health impacts of the pandemic. In April, the Fund augmented those initial investments with an additional $850,000 in grants that further addressed mounting food insecurity in our region. In mid-June, Phase 2 grants deployed $9.2 million to 220 nonprofits and coalitions, focusing on childcare, mental and behavior health, and emergency financial assistance. In future phases, the Fund will continue to adapt to urgent and emerging needs as they evolve. Learn more about the principles guiding the Fund.

Formed by a coalition of philanthropy, government, and business partners, the COVID-19 Response Fund so far has galvanized a total of $28.8 million from a growing list of partners and online contributors. In times of crisis, coordination is vital in getting critical resources to communities who need them most. We are grateful to everyone who has supported the COVID-19 Response Fund during this difficult and dynamic time.

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