Civic Leadership

As a civic leader, Seattle Foundation works to make our region a stronger, more vibrant community for all. We do more than invest money in our community. We use our expertise, leadership and voice to empower people to change policies and systems in ways that will create greater racial and economic equity.

We design and lead efforts with the public, philanthropic and private sectors as well as community partners to fuel collaboration and collective impact. The cornerstone of our civic leadership is “impact strategies” that unite work across the Foundation and harness our full range of tools – expertise, research, leadership, funding and voice.   

Our impact strategies focus on changing systems through community-driven, cross-sector partnerships. Each long-term strategy is informed by data indicating where stark inequities and disinvestment exist and where potential to address the root causes of persistent community challenges is the greatest. 

Our inaugural strategy is the: 

Catalyzing Community Impact Strategy