Supporting Communities Affected by Wildfires

We’ve compiled a list of trusted organizations working to help communities impacted by the wildfires in Washington, Oregon, and California.

As wildfires continue to blaze across Washington, Oregon, and California, we are sharing a list of local organizations working on the ground to support affected residents and responders. Below are a few trusted resources for those who want to support these communities with immediate help, such as emergency shelter, as well as long-term recovery and rebuilding. This list will be updated as we are made aware of relief efforts.

As of Sept. 15, destructive wildfires continue to move quickly through the state, with firefighters battling approximately three dozen fires in Washington and Oregon. With these fires, thick smoke has settled over the region, causing severe health concerns for many in our community – especially those already at risk. Areas of Eastern and Central Washington were hit particularly hard.

Across the country, community foundations work with local nonprofits to determine the short- and long-term relief and recovery needs of a particular place. Seattle Foundation stands in solidarity with our fellow community foundations in Washington, Oregon, and California.

With rising global temperatures, experts say we will continue to see intense wildfires and difficult circumstances unless we actively work to combat the effects of climate change. Reducing the risks of climate change requires addressing its root causes, identifying and adapting to its impacts and ensuring community resiliency to respond to climate change.

The Climate Justice Impact Strategy is Seattle Foundation’s comprehensive work to ensure that communities of color and low-income communities are leading and shaping efforts to reduce the disproportionate effects of climate change that they experience. We invest in community-based research, build coalitions that bridge social and environmental justice and strengthen the capacity of nonprofits working to advance climate solutions. We use our voice, exercise our leadership and align philanthropic efforts to increase climate justice for our most vulnerable communities.

Learn more about Seattle Foundation’s Climate Justice Impact Strategy.

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