Blueprint for Impact

We envision a thriving region of shared prosperity, belonging, and justice, where all individuals and communities have equitable access and outcomes, regardless of race, place, or identity.


The Blueprint for Impact is Seattle Foundation’s guiding framework that outlines a series of bold strategies for advancing racial equity, shared prosperity, and belonging in our region. Our region has undergone unprecedented economic growth while racial and wealth disparities have increased, and the compounding crises of 2020 – from the COVID-19 pandemic to our nation’s racial reckoning – have only accelerated inequities.

The Blueprint for Impact is informed by lessons from our past, bolstered by data revealing stark racial inequities among Black, Indigenous, People of Color and under-resourced communities, and encouraged by the belief that centering equity in our work will lead to a better future for all.

The Blueprint for Impact creates a path toward long-term, systemic change by directing philanthropic dollars to initiatives led by communities most impacted. We understand root causes are due to structural flaws, not individual efforts, and we need to transform the way our systems work to truly work for everyone. Changing systems requires patient, durable capital that will not waver with elections nor business cycles, and philanthropy is uniquely positioned to focus on a problem for decades instead of months or years. Philanthropy as field – and Seattle Foundation – now need to take more and different kinds of risks.

The Blueprint for Impact is our commitment, informed by decades of partnership with local nonprofit organizations. Seattle Foundation’s relationships with diverse communities has enabled candid feedback, and our partners’ deep expertise has profoundly informed our approach to grantmaking and helped us direct resources to communities most impacted. In the past five years, Seattle Foundation has dramatically expanded our core purpose to invest in strengthening community capacity and resilience through organizing and movement building, while growing leadership and power in communities most impacted by persistent inequities.


The Foundation’s vision focuses on three reinforcing pillars that are fundamental to ensuring a thriving region of shared prosperity, belonging and justice for all. To advance towards a thriving region, we must make investments in community-led strategies and movements that enhance the capacity of nonprofits and leaders to do their best work and transform systems. We must trust in the vision of those most impacted, to bring about change that benefits all. Achieving these pillars will help the region realize the full promise by strengthening and supporting communities so they have the access, influence and voice for self-determination.

Three pillars - A Just Democracy, Equitable Economy, and Resilient Environment

Center for Community Partnerships

The Center for Community Partnerships invests in targeted efforts to achieve greater racial and economic equity. Understanding that social problems are products of networks of cause and effect at a policy level, the Center focuses on advancing systems change as the most effective way to advance this goal.

Civic Leadership

As a civic leader, Seattle Foundation works to make our region a stronger, more vibrant community for all. We do more than invest money in our community. We use our expertise, leadership and voice to empower people to change policies and systems in ways that will create greater racial and economic equity.

Fund for Inclusive Recovery

The COVID-19 crisis has exacerbated challenges facing our community including racial inequities, political violence, and economic devastation. The Fund for Inclusive Recovery is a new pooled fund that will help meet the critical needs of those most impacted by the pandemic.


REPAIR is a framework aimed at advancing and supporting Black-led community leadership. REPAIR is designed to acknowledge and account for the harm that philanthropic under investment has caused the Black community for generations. Seattle Foundation is committing to a minimum investment of $25 million, across the entire foundation, to Black-led organizations over the next 5 years.

Be a catalyst

Reaching this vision requires us all. Please join us by telling us about yourself and how you’d like to invest in your community. A Seattle Foundation philanthropic advisor will be in touch shortly.

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