Highlighting the Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) pool for Seattle Foundation philanthropists

The Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) Pool, managed by Aperio, aligns with the three pillars of Seattle Foundation’s Blueprint for Impact: A Just Democracy, Equitable Economy, Resilient Environment.

By Allison Parker, managing director, philanthropy strategies, and Guillermo Andalon, investments and fund accountant

We have consistently heard from philanthropists that they want their donor advised funds invested in an impactful manner until those assets are distributed as grants. Selecting the Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) Pool is one way* to achieve that outcome. We launched the restructured SRI Pool in January 2021 and are actively seeking donor engagement.

Our SRI Pool aligns with the three pillars of Seattle Foundation’s Blueprint for Impact: A Just Democracy, Equitable Economy, Resilient Environment. By structuring the SRI Pool this way, Seattle Foundation philanthropists have a clear understanding of which set of ESG (environmental, social, governance) drivers will be consistently applied while continuing to deliver market returns on their philanthropic gift.

“To realize the full promise of our region, these three pillars of the Blueprint for Impact must be achieved and sustained to create a thriving and equitable region, driven by the people and communities of this place.”

Kris Hermanns, Chief Impact Officer

SRI Pool investments support the Blueprint for Impact

A Just Democracy

Ensures individuals and communities are fairly represented and hold political power such that policies and processes center those most impacted by inequities

Equitable Economy

Ensures inclusive growth and fundamental financial security for individuals and communities

Resilient Environment

Ensures that individuals and communities thrive in a healthy-built and natural environment

The SRI pool available to Seattle Foundation philanthropists has underlying management fees of 0.28%. The new, passively managed SRI Pool’s 70/30 structure will look to mimic a blended index (70% MSCI ACWI and 30% Barclays Aggregate). To learn more about the investments within the pool, please review the portfolio summary. Information about Seattle Foundation’s investment governance, performance, options, and manager diversity is available here.

How you can participate

Philanthropists with a Seattle Foundation donor advised fund — community philanthropy fund, family foundation, or corporate foundation — are invited to recommend a change of investment pool. The full fund balance will be moved; we are not able to split funds between two or more investment pools.

To participate in the SRI pool, please complete this form no later than August 31 and submit it to [email protected]. Should you miss this deadline, the next opportunity for philanthropists to make a change to their investment pool is next winter with a deadline of March 31, 2023.

*Other options for donor advised investment include Seattle Foundation’s suite of curated impact investments, such as the Evergreen Impact Housing Fund and Community Investment Guarantee Pool.