Family Philanthropy

Seattle Foundation helps philanthropists reach their full generosity potential in support of our community’s most pressing needs.

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Engagement in the community is often a reflection of values. As families consider all of the assets they pass on to future generations, philanthropy provides a meaningful way to demonstrate those values and commitments to a broader system. Your family — however you define it — has a legacy to establish or preserve. When you work with Seattle Foundation, you have access to a nationally recognized team of experts who will guide you as you envision and activate your philanthropic vision in alignment with your values.

We advise families of all sizes and ages, helping them identify and invest in the causes that matter most to them during their lifetime and through their legacy. We’ve learned that many families wait too long to start a cross-generation conversation about philanthropy. Beginning at an early age, education can be as impactful as grantmaking, as our advisors encourage better-informed giving that has a lasting impact.

We are a trusted resource and partner to many of Greater Seattle’s most philanthropic families. You can lead and influence greater community change through your generosity, with our support. We blend comprehensive training alongside our nationally recognized curriculum, Giving with Impact™, to ensure our advisors are skilled in working with families and private wealth clients, as well as able to navigate successfully across generations.

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