Youth Grantmaking Board

Seattle Foundation is building the next generation of philanthropists. We offer youth the chance to learn about local issues and strategic grantmaking.

The 2019-20 Youth Grantmaking Board.
The 2019-20 Youth Grantmaking Board.

The Youth Grantmaking Board (YGB) helps young people learn how philanthropy can create positive change in their community by giving them the opportunity to take the lead on all phases of grantmaking. Supported by Foundation staff and community experts, YGB members:

• Identify and discuss critical community issues, learning from field experts
• Select a grantmaking focus area
• Develop a request for proposals
• Evaluate funding requests from nonprofit organizations
• Conduct site visits with potential grantees
• Make funding recommendations to Seattle Foundation Board of Trustees

2022 Youth Philanthropy Workshop: The Role of Youth in a Just Democracy

Please Note: Youth Philanthropy Workshop has been postponed this year. Any updates regarding future YGB workshops including a new date will be posted here. If you have any questions, please direct them to [email protected].

Due to COVID-19, Seattle Foundation will continue to host a one-day virtual youth philanthropy workshop in lieu of a full Youth Grantmaking Board cycle this year. This virtual workshop is offered at no cost and is open to high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors in King County who are driven to create positive change and can help inspire more youth to join this movement. Supported by Seattle Foundation’s team of experts, workshop participants will:

  • Learn about and discuss ways we can work to build a more equitable and inclusive democracy
  • Evaluate funding requests from nonprofit organizations in our community
  • Make up to $10,000 funding recommendations to Seattle Foundation Board of Trustees

YGB Grant History


Focus on the role of youth in a just democracy, discussing ways we can work to build a more equitable and inclusive democracy

Being Empowered Thru Supportive Transition (BEST)  – $10,000


Focus on civic engagement, inclusive leadership, building resilience and shaping the culture and the narrative around climate justice and other important community issues

FEEST – $12,000
Unleash the Brilliance – $8,000


Focus on reducing homelessness and its related issues amongst youth and other communities in King County

Seattle Veterinary Outreach – $9.200
Samaritan – $10,800


Focus on advocacy and organizing for immigrant and refugees in the King County area

West African Community Council – $12,500
Colectiva Legal del Pueblo – $7,500


Focus on providing post-secondary education support for historically marginalized communities

Na’ah Illahee Fund – $15,000
Washington Building Leaders of Change – $5,000


Focus on providing accessible, direct service programs that address issues of mental health for low-income families in the Greater Seattle area

Ryther – $10,000
Puentes – $10,000


Focus on mental health of young adults (12 to 25 years old) with limited or no access to mental healthcare

Center for Human Services – $10,000
Pongo – $5,000
King County Sexual Assault Resource Center – $5,000


Focus on supporting the resiliency and perseverance of teens through out-of-school programming

Navos (Proud Out and Wonderful Program) – $10,000
SafeFutures Youth Center – $10,000


Focus on increasing stability for transitional-age youth (17 to 24 years old) currently experiencing or at risk of becoming homeless

King County Sexual Assault Resource Center – $10,000
Seattle Education Access – $5,000
YouthCare – $5,000


Focus on preparing children from low-income and non-English-speaking households for kindergarten  

Neighborhood House – $10,000 
Somali Youth & Family Club – $10,000 


Focus on afterschool programs that support youth in tutoring, study prep, ELL programs and skill development 

826 Seattle (now known as the Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas) – $10,000
Para Los Niños – $10,000 


Focus on mental health and academic support programs for foster care youth

Sound Mental Health – $15,000 
College Success Foundation – $5,000 


Focus on youth violence intervention programs  

Alive & Free/YouthCare partnership – $7,500 
Big Brothers Big Sisters – $5,000 
Raising Our Youth As Leaders – $7,500


Focus on the physical well-being of youth  

Children’s Hospital – $10,000 
Choice & Consequence – $5,000 
Peace for the Streets By Kids from the Streets – $5,000


Focus on improving the home lives of King County youth who were at risk of homelessness and other major upheavals  

Mockingbird Society – $5,000 
Youth Advocates (now known as Children’s Home Society) – $10,000 
YWCA, Girls First program – $10,000

Interested in applying for Youth Grantmaking Board funding? View Youth Grantmaking Board RFP information on our current grant opportunities page