Resilience Fund Grantees

Seattle Foundation announces $565,000 in Resilience Fund grants to support marginalized communities. A second round of funding opens September 29

Seattle Foundation is awarding grants to 33 organizations under our Resilience Fund to safeguard and advance the safety, security, constitutional or human rights of our region’s vulnerable community members. This first round of funding is infusing $565,000 in community organizations that are strengthening vulnerable communities and increasing their resilience in the face of emerging challenges.

These nonprofits are addressing increased needs for information, support, legal guidance, organizing and advocacy to address threats and discrimination based on factors including race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability and country of origin. Grants are being distributed to organizations serving a variety of vulnerable communities, including people of color, immigrant and refugee communities, LGBTQ populations, seniors, low-wage workers and others, who are experiencing changing federal policies and declining funding.

There were more than 120 grant applications. Each grantee is receiving a maximum of $25,000.

The organizations receiving Resilience Fund first-round grants are, alphabetically:

21 Progress

API Chaya

Being Empowered Thru Supportive Transitions

CAIR Washington

Casa Latina

Congolese Integration Network

Creative Justice

Eastside Legal Assistance Program

Eat with Muslims


Entre Hermanos

Fair Work Center

Horn of Africa Services

Iraqi Community Center of Washington

Legal Counsel for Youth and Children

Not This Time


Open Doors for Multicultural Families


Refugee Women’s Alliance

Skyway Solutions

Somali Family Safety Task Force

Somali Health Board

Somali Youth and Family Club

South Park Information and Resource Center

Tasveer Corporation

Tenants Union of Washington State

United Territories of Pacific Islanders’ Alliance

Washington Community Action Network Education & Research Fund

Washington Defender Association

“It is our highest duty to stand for those among us who do not have a seat at the table,” said Tony Mestres, president and CEO of Seattle Foundation. “The Resilience Fund grantees are safeguarding the rights and well-being of our residents, something that is deeply embedded in the values of our country and community. The Resilience Fund reflects our commitment to ensure that all people are valued and included in our community.”

King County contributed $350,000 to this grantmaking effort, with its funds dedicated to support organizations that serve and support immigrants and refugees. The county’s Office of Equity and Social Justice (ESJ) participated in the grant evaluation process and is committed to increasing empowerment, advocacy and democratic participation in our communities, and helping to protect the civil and legal rights of the members of immigrant and refugee communities.

“We proudly uphold the American promise that we are a nation that welcomes those fleeing oppression, seeking opportunity, and yearning for freedom,” said Dow Constantine, King County Executive. “We have created partnerships that will reinforce King County’s reputation as an inclusive community where all are welcome to build a better life.”

Seattle Foundation also received funds from our philanthropic partners, Medina FoundationStolte Family Foundation and Emerald Fund.

The second round of the Resilience Fund awarded $371,000 to 24 organizations.