Welcome New Board Members

Seattle Foundation is pleased to introduce the newest Seattle Foundation’s board members, each of whom brings a unique set of skills, experience, and a deep commitment to advancing our mission of creating a more joyful region. 

Robin Lien, a seasoned business leader and diversity advocate, comes with over two decades of experience in the tech world, with a track record of driving revenue and market share growth.

Karla Horwitz, an independent corporate director, and investment banker, has a wealth of knowledge in guiding companies through various transitions, with a notable list of successes in her portfolio. 

Taylor Hoang, a dedicated non-profit leader and business owner, has spent over 20 years promoting community growth, advocating for policy change, and fostering stakeholder relationships.

These remarkable individuals join our board, strengthening our continued dedication to making a meaningful impact in the communities we serve. We are honored to have them and look forward to their contributions to our organization’s continued growth and community-driven initiatives.

Karla, Taylor, and Robin are exemplars of excellence in their respective fields. With their vast expertise and unwavering dedication, they’ve charted paths of success. Robin’s visionary leadership transformed tech giants and championed diversity and inclusion. Karla’s financial acumen guided companies to fruitful destinations, while Taylor’s community-centric approach drives positive change. Together, they inspire us to reach higher and make a lasting impact.”
 – Ed Taylor, Board Chair 

As someone who was born and raised in Seattle and who raised my own family here, I have always felt a responsibility to give back to this city. Seattle Foundation supports many of the causes that are critical to our greater community needs including climate action and engaging in efforts to achieve greater racial and economic equity. I look forward to bringing my skills as a business leader to an organization that has had such an outsized positive impact on the place I love and call home. — Karla Horwitz, CEO and founder, Horwitz Group and WMP Capital

Philanthropy has the power to influence lasting social change and can help change lives, potentially for generations. Seattle Foundation has played a key part in shaping the regions philanthropic landscape, making the region stronger, more vibrant, and equitable. I look forward to joining the Foundation, working hand in hand to create lasting impact for our communities. Taylor Hoang, Head of Community Affairs at Amazon

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve on the board of Seattle Foundation. Its mission serving the Seattle metro area is critical to the communities that make our region special and to the generations that will follow. Everyone deserves to have the opportunity to thrive, regardless of their background, and I am committed to galvanizing Seattle Foundation’s ‘Blueprint for Impact’ in support of a more just and equitable society. — Robin Devlin Lien, Industry Expertise: Tech / Retail & CPG / Travel & Hospitality