Juan Pablo Liendo

Juan Pablo excels in processing grant requests, conducting due diligence, coordinating team communications, and maintaining meticulous financial records to support our mission of impactful philanthropy.  

Personal Philanthropic Interests
and Passions

  • Education and generating scholarships
  • Environment and Sustainability – Water Rights

Hailing from Venezuela and seasoned by diverse experiences in Germany, China, the East Coast, and the West Coast, Juan Pablo brings a unique international perspective to his role. An alumnus of Whitman College, he specializes in Business Operations and Environmental Science.

With over four years of experience in consulting and the tech industry, and the PMP certification, Juan Pablo contributes a versatile skillset to his team and to his role as Associate Grants Administrator. Juan Pablo possesses a vast background supporting non-profits in rural and urban areas, and he is passionate about building philanthropic connections with the tech industry in Seattle.

Juan joined Seattle Foundation in 2023.