June Liu

Provides guidance to individuals, families, and corporate foundations, empowering them to engage in philanthropy with intent and impact. With a focus on attentive service, she formulates personalized strategies that reflect partners’ values and goals. 

Personal Philanthropic Interests
and Passions

  • Health and wellness
  • Civil rights
  • Equitable educational and economic opportunities
  • Policy and advocacy
  • Racial Equity

June Liu comes to Seattle Foundation bringing a wealth of expertise from six years of working at local community-based organizations. With nonprofit roots and a passionate interest in philanthropy, she sees herself as a conduit. Through her role, she facilitates connections between donors’ aspirations and nonprofits’ ability to do the hard work of materializing those shared aspirations. Her career stems from a pivotal inspiration during her White House internship under the Obama Administration, which led to her pursuing a Master of Public Administration at the University of Washington’s Evans School of Public Policy and Governance. In her leisure time, she enjoys the outdoors, learns to crochet, and creatively experiments with culinary techniques and recipes. 

June has been working at Seattle Foundation since 2020.