Organizational Philanthropy

Transform your corporate giving efforts from check writing to strategic philanthropy.

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Organizational Philanthropy serves partners in the business and nonprofit sectors.

Seattle Foundation manages corporate foundations across all sectors — technology, legal, real estate, hospitality and professional sports. Direct your corporate giving to maximize the impact of your investments. With our deep knowledge of community issues and effective local nonprofits, Seattle Foundation supports companies and organizations in aligning their philanthropic programs with their overall mission and strategy, engaging their employees, and building stronger ties in the community.

What we bring to your business

Seattle Foundation offers two different philanthropic services designed to simplify, streamline and strategize your giving plan — corporate foundations and agency endowments.

Corporate Foundations

Establishing a Corporate Foundation offers an effective way to support your interests with the added benefit of our decades of community knowledge and efficient administrative support. 

Leveraging the popular structure of a donor advised fund, a Corporate Foundation Fund invites individuals and families to actively engage in grantmaking. With the guidance of an experienced Philanthropic Advisor, you identify the nonprofit organizations you wish to support and Seattle Foundation handles the administration. You receive immediate tax benefits upon opening your fund and your dollars will be invested, creating the potential for you to give more over time.  

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Agency Endowments

Provide a permanently endowed or quasi-endowed fund managed on behalf of a nonprofit organization. This option can generate annual distributions from the fund’s earnings that may be utilized for unrestricted support of the organization’s mission.

We manage 65 agency funds across the full spectrum of community life.  This spans small nonprofits such as the historic Dunn Gardens to statewide organizations like Artist Trust and the endowment of United Way of King County.  This endowment allows United way to invest 100 percent of all of its annual donations directly into the community. 

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Community Impact

Organizational Philanthropy is yet another way – beyond that of a grantmaker – that Seattle Foundation supports a strong and vibrant nonprofit community here in Greater Seattle.  

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